The Linux Experiment

The Linux Experiment

Some friends and I have decided to give Linux a run for its money. Most of us are experienced Windows users so we figured making the transition to Linux would be 1) a good thing for the resumé and 2) a pretty easy switch. Boy were we ever wrong about #2… #1 is still debatable 😉

The basic premise is this:

  1. Is Linux really a practical desktop computer for the masses?
  2. Can someone really make the switch from the far more popular proprietary operating systems and applications to the free and open source alternatives?

The experiment is govern more or less by the following two rules:

  1. You must use Linux as your primary computing platform for 4 months
  2. You cannot use a distribution of Linux that you are familiar with or have used in the past

Follow us through the highs and lows of getting everything working just right, as we learn new things, and share our user experiences!