Of eye candy and desktop environments

As a long time Windows user I have had my fair share of dull, gray toolbars, buttons and controls. Prior to Windows Vista, Microsoft’s first real attempt to pretty up the system – sorry XP, making the taskbar blue just doesn’t cut it – I even looked to Mac OSX with some jealousy.

Flash forward to The Linux Experiment and I have been introduced to a whole new set of environment graphics. Some of them are quite beautiful and some are just… plain ugly. On the plus side, the nice thing about Linux is it’s ability to customize just about every detail, including how my desktop looks. But is there really any excuse for some of the horrible themes, colour choices (*cough* Ubuntu *cough*), and graphics that are still present in Linux today? Surely there are some artists out there in the open source community that could be let loose on these problems? Come on people, I know you can do better!