Hash Verifier Released!

That’s right an update to your favourite hash verification program! 😛

This update includes a few new features that some of you might find useful. It also includes help documentation which walks you through how to use it!

New Features

  • Menu strip for even easier use
  • Export features allows you to automatically write all of the hashes to a single file
  • About dialog that provides information about the program
  • Help documentation


  • All platforms: .NET 2.0+ / Mono, a graphical display
  • *nix platforms: WinForms (identified as System.Windows.Forms)

As always the binary only package contains just the executable, whereas the all package contains the source code as well.

Binary Only Package All Package
File name: hash_verifier_0_2_0_0_binary.zip hash_verifier_0_2_0_0_all.zip
File hashes: Download Here
GPG signature: Download Here Download Here
Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
License: (LGPL) View Here
File size: 171.5KB 530.1KB
File download: Download Here Download Here