Computer Language Benchmarks Game

I stumbled upon a really interesting website tonight run by the guys behind the Debian project. Essentially it is a series of programming language benchmark results, run under different configurations, that not only shows you how each language performed, but also lets you compare and contrast them to one another. So for instance I can compare the performance of C and C++ running on x64 Ubuntu with an Intel Q6600 quad-core. Or Java 6 server VM vs C# Mono or even all four together. If you’re at all interested at seeing how you’re favourite programming language stacks up I highly recommend giving this site a visit.

2 thoughts on “Computer Language Benchmarks Game

  1. Isaac Gouy

    >>run by the guys behind the Debian project<<

    No – that's like thinking MySQL is run by sourceforge – alioth.debian provides free project hosting.

    • Tyler Burton

      I stand corrected

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