Hash Verifier (A.K.A. the SWT re-write)

Hash Verifier (A.K.A. the SWT re-write)

After reading up on how you can use SWT to give Java a more native look and feel I was interested in giving it a shot first hand. I decided to break out old faithful (Hash Verifier) and re-write it completely in Java/SWT. The end result was an application that has essentially equivalent functionality (see below for differences) but is completely cross-platform. No matter what operating system you end up running this on (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) it should have a native look and feel. I will explain how I accomplished this literal “write once, run anywhere” code below.

Easy deployment

The download consists of three different programs. The first, and main, named HashVerifier.jar is not actually the Hash Verifier program, but rather a simple sequential application launching system that I wrote to make cross-platform deployment even easier. When you run HashVerifier.jar, either by double-clicking on it or by running it from the terminal with java -jar HashVerifier.jar, it opens up the included rules file and begins to execute the lines one after another. If there is a special platform specific file (such as rules.mac) it will run that instead. Let’s take a look at rules:

java -jar AdaptiveSWT swt.jar
java -XX:+AggressiveOpts -XX:+UseParallelGC -jar HashVerifierApp

As you can see each line is a separate command to be run.

Getting that right look

When HashVerifier.jar starts it reads each line and runs that as a shell command. The line java -jar AdaptiveSWT swt.jar starts the second included program. AdaptiveSWT uses Java’s built in cross-platform UI toolkit, Swing, and displays a small dialog while it downloads the platform’s native SWT library. This is necessary because otherwise I would need to create separate downloads for each platform, each with their unique native SWT library. By using AdaptiveSWT I can instead let it handle all of the dirty work for me. This is really the trick that lets me release exactly one version of the program that looks correct for everyone. The AdaptiveSWT program is even smart enough to know not to re-download the library if you already have it. That being said if you ever do have an issue where you need to re-download the library either delete the swt.jar file in the program directory or change the first line to java -jar AdaptiveSWT -force swt.jar. This forces the download to happen regardless of it you already have it or not.

Hash Verifier

The next line logically starts the actual Hash Verifier application (with a couple of extra performance enhancing flags passed along as well). This version should work almost identically as the previous with a few key differences:

  • I have removed the Export to Hash File menu option as I simply just didn’t use it enough to warrant me spending the time to re-develop it.
  • I have removed the old Help menu option and replaced it with a visit website option.
  • RIPEMD-160 has been replaced with MD2, mostly because that is what the JVM supports “out-of-the-box”.

That’s about it. Please let me know if you have any issues running it on your platform of choice.


  • OS: Windows, Mac OSX or Linux (Gtk+)
  • Internet connection
  • Java JRE (targeted at JavaSE-1.6 but might work on the previous version as well)

As before the binary only package contains just the executables, whereas the all package contains the source code as well.

Binary Only Package All Package
File name: hash_verifier_0_3_0_0_binary.zip hash_verifier_0_3_0_0_all.zip
File hashes: Download Here
GPG signature: Download Here Download Here
License: (LGPL) View Here
File size: 68.6KB 107.1KB
File download: Download Here Download Here

NOTE: This software was tested on Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.6 and Linux Mint 9. While it may (and should) run on similar platforms I have not been able to test this. Please remember that this software is provided “as is” and without any sort of warranty. Use at your own risk.