Objective-C IDE

With no real alternative to Xcode on non-Mac platforms there is a real lack of a genuine development environment for Objective-C. With projects like GNUstep picking up the Objective-C runtime portion of the equation I’ve decided to try my hand at filling the other gap by creating a very simple IDE strictly for Objective-C. My goals were simple: create a basic IDE written in Objective-C that provides syntax highlighting, one button program compilation, and (if I could get it to work) some form of auto-complete or a suggestion system.

For my project I decided to target the cross-platform GTK+ because while Objective-C has the AppKit GUI libraries they just don’t look native enough for my liking. In addition because Objective-C is backwards compatible with all C code I could easily embed the GTK+ calls within wrapped objects and methods.

With a simple press of a button the program is compiled and run in the terminal just as you would expect.

As you can see I’ve so far succeeded in my simple goals. Although this project is still very much a work in progress I do hope to be able to release the source to it once I get it to a point where it is cleaned up and feature complete.