The Linux Experiment Post Roundup

There has been quite a bit of activity on The Linux Experiment over the past little while. Check out the site here or quickly jump to the post that I wrote below.

Big distributions, little RAM 3

How do the ‘big time’ distributions handle on constrained hardware? Take a look.

How to install sun-java6-jdk and Netbeans in Ubuntu 11.10

A simple process to install the official SunOracle Java JDK and Netbeans IDE in the latest Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 11.10′s WiFi crashes my router

The new Ubuntu release is pretty good. Unfortunately it also causes my router to crash.

Gentoo (A.K.A. “Compiling!”)

My first post for the second Linux Experiment where I speak about my Gentoo first impressions.

How to enable reboot/shutdown in KDE on Gentoo

Closed source AMD/ATI drivers, wireless networking and Flash in Gentoo

How to update your (whole) Gentoo system

A trio of small posts that walk new Gentoo users through setting up and doing some basic things in their new desktop.

How to play Red Alert 2 on Linux

I managed to get this classic game to run great on Linux. It even includes a bit of a hack that allows you to play LAN games. I don’t think you can even do that on Windows any more.

Oh Gentoo

My final post of the second Linux Experiment. Includes my conclusions on running Gentoo as a day-to-day desktop system.