Game Review: Fight Night Round 4 (Xbox 360)

Fight Night Round 4 is a very realistic boxing game that is somehow both a simulation and a gritty fighting game. You can literally feel the blows as your fighter takes on the best of the best the sport has to offer.

The game has also done something interesting where it has decided to not use a heads up display (H.U.D.) at all. So rather than having a health bar you have to instead rely on the subtle vibration in the controller and the look of exhaustion on your fighter’s face. The career mode is also interesting, allowing you to train up your various skills using classical boxing training techniques and equipment like a punching bag or speed bag. Flight Night also has a unique way of controlling the game. Instead of mashing buttons, you use both of the controller’s sticks: one for movement and one for punching.


I’m not even a huge fan of boxing and I found this game quite entertaining. Not only that but it is in a class of its own graphically. Good looking, fun and with a rather in-depth career mode it’s easy to see why Fight Night is so popular.


My review: Surprisingly Good
Pick it up for: Cheap score: 87.25%
Metacritic score: 87 / 100
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One thought on “Game Review: Fight Night Round 4 (Xbox 360)

  1. Panama

    Quote: XBOX sucks “Not that any xbox fanboy will admit it, but theres actually dnyamic swelling of the eyes and face in the PS3 version, a rather noticable feature the 360 version doesnt have. The sweat also has better lighting and more natural progression as well. Not that these 2 features will be deciding factors in which version you get though. Im getting a PS3, but I already have FN3 for 360, so theres no point in getting it again. Bottom line, this point was soley brought up for Xboys’ enjoyment. Take it easy.” Considering that you’ve never played the PS3 version (unless you’re an undercover dev from EA Chicago) the only thing any of us can go on are previews from the press and marketing/PR releases. I would hope the developers had time to polish up the game since it’s coming out almost a year after every other version, but realistically none of us knows exactly what the game is like, how it plays compared to other versions, or if there are any improvements other than the extra content. That stated, FN3 is a great game if you like boxing. If you don’t already have it and you’re planning on buying a PS3, you’ll enjoy it. This has nothing to do with fanboyism.

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