Game Review: TimeShift (Xbox 360)

TimeShift is a normally mediocre first-person shooter that makes itself unique by allowing you to control time. Sure it may have a standard sci-fi plot and only decent graphics (good, not great) but the time control aspect of the game is actually pretty fun. Essentially the game allows you to stop, slow down or rewind time at a whim.

This in turn allows you to do some pretty interesting things within the game. Encountered a group of baddies? No problem, just stop time, steal one of their weapons and fire a bunch of rounds at the rest before starting up time again and watching the havoc ensue. Even multiplayer lets you play with time, albeit it in a somewhat restricted ‘time sphere’ way.

TimeShift is certainly not the best game I have ever played, but for the little bit of money that I spent on it, it was actually pretty fun.

My review: Mediocre
Pick it up for: Cheap score: 70.59%
Metacritic score: 70 / 100
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