Game Review: Tropico 4 (Xbox 360)

Enter the shoes of El Presidente as you try and turn the island nation of Tropico into a beacon for the world!… or something. Loads of humour, a ridiculous plot mixed with over-the-top steroetypes and great SimCity-like gameplay had me hooked right from the beginning.

The game follows the plot of El Presidente as he (you) try and make the best island paradise possible. Along the way you need to balance the needs of the Capitalists, Communists, Intellectuals, Nationalists, Loyalists, Militarists and more, or else!, all while making sure you hide enough money away in your Swiss bank account. The game is full of great humour and better gameplay spanning 20 missions (+ DLC) that makes for a lot of fun packed into one game.

With 20 missions, each of which took me 1-2 hours to beat, this game is well worth your money. I also opted for the expansion pack (Modern Times) which added an additional bunch of mission. This is definitely one of the best PC to console ports of this genre ever made – the controls usually work great (with the exception of  paging through menu items with the D-pad, which can be sucky sometimes). Overall I highly recommend picking this game up if you are at all interested in this type of genre.

My review: Great
Pick it up for: Any Price score: 78.91%
Metacritic score: 77 / 100
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