Game Review: Borderlands (Xbox 360)


Borderlands is a very strange game that somehow convinces you that it is loads of fun to collect slightly different weapons, armour and other various items all the while trying to find even slightly better weapons, armour and items. Oh and you’ll occasionally have to shoot a thing or two along the way.

You play as one of four different vault hunters as you search through the Borderlands on the planet Pandora in search for… well… a vault. A vault with unbelievable treasure that many previous vault hunters have died trying to find. It’s sort of like a gigantic dungeon crawler game where the whole world is the dungeon. The key to this game’s success is that it is incredibly, incredibly, incredibly addictive. This is made even more true when playing co-op with a friend (or three) as you race around trying to grab the best equipment before anyone else finds it.

Along the way you meet quite the cast of characters

Along the way you meet quite the cast of characters

Did I mention that this game is big? There are more missions and optional quests packed into this thing than most standard RPGs and certainly more than your average FPS. With addictive gameplay, excellent and often very funny writing, and always something slightly better to collect, this game is an easy one to recommend. If there is a downside I would say that it isn’t quite as much fun playing solo as it is playing with a friend but beyond that I had a great time playing through this one.

My review: Great
Pick it up for: Any Price score: 85.96%
Metacritic score: 84 / 100
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