Game Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Xbox 360)


XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn based tactical game in the vein of the Civilization series that, rather than focus on nation expansion, focuses on trying to prevent the complete takeover of the world by alien forces. Along the way you’ll need to upgrade your equipment, train your soldiers and make tough choices on which nations to save.

Playing the role of an XCOM commander you take on missions in order to push back the enemy, collect resources and reduce overall world panic. If a country becomes too panicked they will pull out support for the XCOM project and you’ll lose out on important abilities and financing. With the resources you collect you can task engineers and scientists will developing countermeasures and equipment upgrades that can easily make the difference between seeing a soldier survive, and become better through experience, or perish.


I’m not normally a fan of turn based strategy games but this one is surprisingly fun and deep. There is a lot to do and many tough choices to make – I found myself second guessing choices I had made many missions prior as their consequences started to impact my new decisions. I can see that this game wouldn’t be for everyone though and at times it can be downright unrelenting. Lose a highly trained soldier later on in the game and your team will be so underpowered, while you try and train up a rookie, that the difficulty really shoots right up. That said I had quite a bit fun with it so if you’re looking for something a little different then this one might be for you.

My review: Surprisingly Good
Pick it up for: Any Price score: 88.96%
Metacritic score: 90 / 100
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