Game Review: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Xbox 360)


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is an interesting title that places you in the shoes of Silas Greaves, a famous bounty hunter getting on in the years, who is still trying to track down his final target. Along the way he stops at a small town saloon and, in exchange for copious amounts of free drinks, offers to regal the locals with his tales of heroics.

What makes this game really stand out are two things: the graphics and the story telling. The graphics are a somewhat cel-shaded comic book dime novel-esque look, sort of like Borderlands. This look lends itself well to the rest of the game as it allows the story telling to take a somewhat… unrealistic approach.

Speaking of the story telling this is really where CoJ:G stands out. The entire game is narrated by Silas as he retells the story to his bar compatriots. This includes not only things that the player does but what the player fails at doing. For example he chides the ‘listeners’ when the player dies making mention of how dangerous it was and how careful he was to avoid certain death. Perhaps the most unique part of the game is when Silas starts to exaggerate his story and the game begins to adapt to it. “And then I was surrounded by at least one hundred men!” translates to a frantic scene in-game where you are quite literally surrounded by loads and loads of attackers. That is until someone else in the bar calls Silas out for exaggerating and the game once again morphs back to normality.



I really enjoyed this game. Yes it was somewhat short. Sure it was somewhat repetitive in game play. So what that it was absolutely tough and frustrating at times. None of that matters because it was really funny to play.

My review: Surprisingly Good
Pick it up for: Cheap score: 76.87%
Metacritic score: 76 / 100
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