A brief update on my switch to Linux

A brief update on my switch to Linux

It has been almost four months since I made a complete switch over to the Linux operating system on my home computers. So how have I managed since switching and what problems have I run into? Am I ready to go back to Windows yet?

To be honest the switch has been almost completely uneventful. In fact I wish it was more drama filled because then it would be good fodder for blog posts like this. The truth however is that things have pretty much just worked and when they didn’t it I was able to resolve the problem so quickly that it really was a non-issue. This has been such a success that I don’t even really have to tend to my PCs any more which is kind of an odd, albeit welcomed, feeling.

So does my success mean that everyone should immediately jump off the Windows ship and hop onto the great penguin OS? Well… maybe, maybe not. It really depends on your work flow and personal needs. For me however the experience has been great (so far).

I will try to keep posting in the future if only to say that things are exactly as they were, which is to say uneventful.

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