Game Review: Titanfall (Xbox One)


Titanfall throws you into a universe of galactic civil war across multiple worlds. As a “pilot” you are capable of running around on foot, boosting up the side of buildings with your jets or calling in massive robotic exoskeletons (Titans) and using their additional destructive power to do even more damage to your enemies.

First things first: the story in this game is useless. It doesn’t add anything to the experience and just makes you wonder why they even bothered. It wasn’t until after I had completed the ‘campaign’ missions a couple of times that I actually had an idea of what the plot was supposed to be.

It really doesn’t matter though, this game is about one thing: frantic, fun online multiplayer battles. The developers have done a tremendous job fine tuning the experience to the point where you don’t even realize how addicted you’ve become to playing until you suddenly notice you’ve lost a few hours doing so :P. Another thing I must commend them on is their continued support of this game. Even now, months after the initial release, the game is still getting frequent updates and new game modes.

Oh and all Titanfall games use dedicated servers. How awesome is that?

Oh and all Titanfall games use dedicated servers. How awesome is that?

Normally I’m not a big online multiplayer game person but with Titanfall I didn’t really have a choice found myself really getting into the whole experience. The subtle things the game does to bring you back game after game after game is what makes it for me. Sure, it may not be the most in-depth or content filled title I’ve ever played but it sure kept me coming back for more.

My review: Great
Pick it up for: Any Price score: 86.71%
Metacritic score: 86 / 100
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