Game Review: The Jackbox Party Pack (Xbox One)

jbppThe Jackbox Party Pack, as its name would seem to suggest, in a collection of various fun party games that are each a bit different and almost always hilarious to play.

If you’ve played any of the You Don’t Know Jack games before then you’ll understand the basic style and premise of all of the games in the collection – a series of players compete within the rules of the game to be declared the winner while listening to “witty” hosts make awful jokes. What makes this pack in particular more fun is that it includes multiple games and that they can all be played on whatever phone, tablet or PC you happen to have lying around. This makes it especially easy to get everyone involved.

You Don’t Know Jack is a four player trivia based game where you need to be correct and quick to score the most points.


Classic You Don’t Know Jack

Drawful on the other hand is a really fun game where you are given a crazy sentence that makes little to no sense that you then have to draw as best as you can. The game awards points for people who were able to correctly guess what is was.


My bet is on the Game of Thrones reference

In Word Spud each player takes turns continuing building upon a long running sentence that you are all working together to create. It is sort of like mad libs but with voting and points awarded to good answers.


Not really a game so much as… a… well I really don’t know to be honest

Lie Swatter is a game that claims to support up to 100 players (I have not personally tested this) and presents the players with a series of statements that can either be true or false. All players guess at the answer and the players who get it right are awarded points.


Seems plausible…

Finally in Fibbage the game gives the players a statement that is missing one or more words (i.e. In 1956 it was common for people to use ________ as soap) and all of the players provide an answer. The key to the game is to provide an answer that seems plausible but is not quite right. Once all answers are given everyone then selects what they think is the real one from the list and points are awarded for getting it right and for tricking other players.

An example of the kind of "answers" you'll have to pick from in Fibbage

An example of the kind of “answers” you’ll have to pick from in Fibbage

I really like this game. It is very approachable, easy for anyone with just their phone to pick up and play, and with the exception of Word Spud I think all of the games are really fun. Plus the whole pack only costs around $25 and will easily provide hours of enjoyment. I say pick it up for your next party!

My review: Great
Pick it up for: Any Price score: 85.00%
Metacritic score: N/A
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