Game Review: Metro Redux (Xbox One)

MetroReduxMetro Redux is a remastering of two games in the Metro series: the original Metro 2033, first released in 2010, and its sequel Metro: Last Light, which was released in 2013.

Prior to playing through this double feature I had never experienced a Metro game before and I have to admit I quite enjoyed my time in the rich fiction of the game’s universe. For those of you who have also never played a Metro game before the basic premise is that the nuclear Armageddon has occurred and now you are one of the few Russian survivors taking refuge in the slightly less radioactive underground subway tunnels (hence “metro”). The world that you belong to is rife with danger from clashing gangs, mutated creatures and the ever mysterious and dangerous Dark Ones.

These games do an excellent job of blending survival horror elements with classic FPS game play. Throughout the game you’ll constantly find yourself hoarding your bullets for fear of not having them when you do absolutely do need them. You’ll also have to not only remember to strap on your gas mask when in areas of higher radiation but also to periodically change the filter when the scrubber is no longer any good.

The remastered graphics are very well done

The remastered graphics are very well done

While I enjoyed my time with this game there are a few things that I wish were a bit improved. For instance the graphics, while much better than the original releases, were still a bit… off. In particular the animations were very rigid and reminded me of what you might see in an old PC game. Another sore spot was the voice acting. I wouldn’t be surprised if they only had about three different voice actors in the entire Metro 2033 game and while Last Light is certainly better in this regard even it has questionable Russian accents (think Sean Connery’s performance in The Hunt For Red October). Finally the game can be really frustrating at times, especially when you’re not sure what you’re allowed to do. For instance some water is perfectly fine to wade through while other water equals instant game over.

Even with its faults however I would still recommend picking up this package. The lack of multiplayer didn’t bother me one bit and there is a substantial amount of game for the price tag.

My review: Surprisingly Good
Pick it up for: Any Price score: 85.50%
Metacritic score: 84 / 100
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