Linux alternatives: Mp3tag → puddletag

Way back when I first made my full-time switch to Linux I made a post about an alternative to the excellent Mp3tag software on Windows. At the time I suggested a program called EasyTAG and while that is still a good program I’ve recently come across one that I think I may actually like more: puddletag.

A screenshot of puddletag from their website

A screenshot of puddletag from their website

While it is very similar to EasyTAG I find puddletag’s layout a bit easier to navigate and use.

2 thoughts on “Linux alternatives: Mp3tag → puddletag

  1. someone

    I like to work with MP3Tag under Windows 10 cause it’s simple, even with multiple files. I’ve been looking for an alternative under Fedora (I work with Linux and Windows) and tried Easy Tag + Audio Tag Tool but they both had not an intuitive handling (for example I was not able to mark multiple files in Audio Tag Tool when pressing strg+shift).
    Puddletag is clearly arranged, nice to work and has many options – exactly what I was looking for – thanks for the tip!

    • Tyler Burton

      Glad it worked out for you!

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