Neat security & privacy add-ons for Firefox

Neat security & privacy add-ons for Firefox

HTTPS Everywhere

Created in collaboration with the Electronic Frontier Foundation this add-on automatically attempts to increase the security of your connection to websites by switching over to HTTPS if the web site supports it (even if it uses HTTP by default).

Privacy Badger

Another add-on created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, this add-on attempts to detect if you are being tracked across multiple websites by the same source (likely an advertiser) and then begins to automatically block them.

Random Agent Spoofer

This add-on is kind of neat. Basically it makes it appear as though you are browsing from random different devices and operating systems. So one moment it will tell the website that you are browsing from Google Chrome on Windows 7 and the next it will say Safari on OS X, etc. This helps to throw off some of the more advanced tracking techniques that advertisers use.

Self-Destructing Cookies

Self-Destructing Cookies allows you to configure different rules for retaining cookies from websites. So if it is a website you visit frequently and you want the cookie kept you can do that but for most websites that you may only visit once maybe you want the cookie to be deleted as soon as you close the tab.

uBlock Origin

This add-on is a very light weight ad blocker that removes advertisements from your browsing experience without slowing down your browser. It’s like Adblock Plus by a bit faster.