Some YouTube channels I find interesting

Some YouTube channels I find interesting

I tend to watch a lot of YouTube and as such have developed quite a list of subscribed channels. So I figured I may as well share a small subset of the more interesting ones here (including a sample video!):


Computerphile is a wonderful series of video interviews with some of the most prolific individuals in the field of computing. When they aren’t interviewing someone like Brian Kernighan they are discussing other interesting topics like what is computer cache and why do we bother to use binary.


Techmoan is a channel primarily about random old gadgets but what really sets it apart is that the gadgets featured are usually ones you’ve never even heard of before. For example have you ever heard of the PlayTape? What about the banana ice-cream (sort of) maker aptly named YoNanas? There are videos for these and more.

Xbox On

Xbox On is a series of videos done by the Xbox UK team. While they cover a wide range of topics and styles by far the most interesting is the weekly World’s Hardest Achievements challenge. In the challenge the members of the Xbox team trade off picking very difficult achievements for each other to try and complete within a one hour time frame. Hilarity and frustration usually ensue and the net result is something entertaining to watch.

Canuck Politics

If you are obsessed with interested in politics like I am than this channel may be what you’re looking for. Essentially this is an archive of past leaders debates and TV commercials that, especially in retrospect, are actually kind of fun to watch.


Vsauce is a long running series where creator Michael discusses an interesting fact about our world or universe. For example have you ever wanted to know what would happen if the world suddenly stopped spinning? He’s got an answer for that.

Gaming Historian

Gaming Historian does an excellent job of looking back at some of the more interesting moments in gaming. What really sets him apart from other such channels is the depth at which he goes into on some topics.

Adam Koralik

Similar to Gaming Historian what I really enjoy about Adam Koralik’s channel are his video game generation recaps. During these he goes through almost every system released in that ‘generation’ of gaming and gives a nice bit of history as well as first hand experience with them.