Game Review: Steelbound Sky (iOS)

In the interest of full disclosure – I was approached by the developers of this game and provided a copy for review for free. Beyond that I have not been paid in any way to write about or endorse this game or company. The opinions below are mine and mine alone.

steelboundsky_logoSteelbound Sky is a different take on the classic shmup genre of games where you must take control of the wind, rather than a vehicle, to protect your city from danger.

I have to be up front about this game (and games like it for that matter) – I simply don’t enjoy this genre of games all that much. I can however see why some people would enjoy them – their appeal being one of raw twitchy speed and skill. Alas that simply isn’t how I play or enjoy games…

Steelbound Sky forces you to 'manage' the enemies on the screen, rather than simply avoid them.

Steelbound Sky forces you to ‘manage’ the enemies on the screen, rather than simply avoid them.

What I do find intriguing about this game, compared to others like it, is how you control the wind and not your vehicle.This simple change results in you having to almost micro-manage all of the on-screen enemies, forcing them into one another, making sure they aren’t getting too close, etc. rather than just simply focusing on your character or vehicle. It takes the multitasking in a game like this to a whole new level but one that I never found overly frustrating. Along the way you also unlock new power ups which makes things a bit easier to deal with.

If you are a fan of the genre this game may be worthwhile checking out but you should clearly not take my word on that.

My review: Mediocre
Pick it up for: Cheap
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