Game Review: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (Xbox 360)

redalert3Welcome back, comrade! Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is the most recent game in the long running Red Alert series and actually does a good job showing that you can in fact play an Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) game with a controller.

Just like the previous games in the series this one too is bursting at the seams with corny dialog and B-movie cut-scenes. This time around however the game’s cast is actually pretty incredible. Just look at this list:

And that’s not even all of the famous and recognizable people in this game… I just got tired of adding to the list. You can see the full thing here if you are interested.

In terms of gameplay, Red Alert 3 adds a new transforming mechanic to a number of units that allows them to function in dual purposes depending on the need. This adds another layer of strategy to the game as you can completely switch up your approach at the push of a button.

Co-op campaign has been added as well which is a nice touch and makes it a bit easier to co-ordinate against a harder difficulty AI.

A dial is used to make actions surprisingly quick on a controller

A dial is used to make actions surprisingly quick on a controller

Controls, while a high point for an RTS on a console, are probably too clumsy for a lot of players used to playing RTS games with a keyboard and mouse… but they get the job done. The real issue I had with the game was simply that there is so much going on at once that finding and selecting units on a TV sitting 10′ away can be a bit of an exercise in zoom in/zoom out. Still the game does what it can to make things easy for you with a number of controller shortcuts.

Personally I think Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is a fun game that at the very least with give you a different kind of gameplay experience for quite a few hours. If RTS games aren’t your thing then I don’t think there is anything here that will change your opinion of that.

My review: Surprisingly Good
Pick it up for: Cheap score: 78.03%
Metacritic score: 77 / 100
Wikipedia Link

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