Game Review: Quantum Break (Xbox One)


Quantum Break is a story heavy game that places you in the shoes of Jack Joyce, an accidental hero who must fight against the evil Monarch Solutions corporation and fix time before everything literally comes to a halt forever.

Without ruining the plot too much the story is a classic tale of a science experiment gone wrong and now our accidental hero must put things right. Along the way you develop more and more time based powers that let you manipulate the world around you. Want to create a pocket of space that temporarily stops time? Well now you can! Want to speed up time for you so that it appears as though you are rushing around in a flash? Go for it! All of the unique abilities truly make a big difference to the world around you in both a physical sense and also through a very cleaver use of audio manipulation.

The time mechanic is reflected in the games visual and audio effects

The time manipulation mechanic is reflected in the games visual and audio effects

Overall this is a really neat game. It’s one part action game, where you need to run around using a myriad of time based powers to achieve your goals, and one part interactive story, where you choose your own adventure and watch your choices be reflected not only in the game but also in the live-action TV series that accompanies it.

With the central focus being on all of the time powers you’d think the rest of the gameplay mechanics, for example the running and gunning or puzzle components, might have been an afterthought but the game shines here as well. The lack of a multiplayer component may be a downside for some but I honestly didn’t mind it. That said once you’ve played through the game twice, picking the opposite choices each time, you’ve pretty much seen everything the game has to offer.

Quantum Break is a must play for anyone who is looking for a new AAA story and gameplay experience.

My review: Great
Pick it up for: Any Price score: 77.91%
Metacritic score: 77 / 100
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