Read The Wealthy Barber Returns for Free

The Wealthy Barber Returns is the follow up (sequel?) to the original best selling book The Wealthy Barber by former Dragons Den dragon David Chilton.

Incidentally he's also from my home town

Incidentally he’s also from my home town

In it Chilton covers a wide range of financial scenarios and offers sound advice while cracking the occasional, actually more like frequent, terrible dad joke. Overall it’s a very quick and easy read that doesn’t get bogged down in too much of the financial jargon that you find in a lot of other reads. While I don’t think it offers anything especially prescient it does provide a good reminder of some of the more obvious, and often forgotten, financial basics and for that reason I would recommend it to anyone from those who think they are financial illiterate to those who claim to know their stuff.

Even better Tangerine is currently offering a free electronic version of the book to everyone, even those who don’t bank with them. You can grab the book download in PDF, Kindle or EPUB over at their website here.

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