A Fitbit Year in Review (2016)

Around this time last year I was gifted a Fitbit Charge HR. Since then it unfortunately needed to be replaced (now with a new Fitbit Charge 2!) but I¬†thought it would be interesting to take a look at my stats for the year. Now obviously December isn’t over yet so some of the stats for that month will be low but all the same I think these graphs are pretty neat to look at.

According to Fitbit, in the last year I’ve managed to record:

3,162,901 steps

Steps by month

6,188 floors climbed

Floors climbed by month

2,364.45 km walked

Distance walked by month

1,187,652 calories burned

Calories burned by month

Through it all I’ve also managed to lose a bit of weight and more importantly maintain it:

Recorded change over the last year

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the numbers¬†I’ve managed to achieve and look forward to seeing what I’m able to do through this next year.

One thought on “A Fitbit Year in Review (2016)

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