Podcasts worth listening to (Part II)

A while back I posted about some of the podcasts I thought were worth listening to. While by no means an exhaustive list I thought it might be good to post again with some new additions. So again in no particular order here are some other podcasts I would recommend listening to:

Canadian Couch Potato

If you enjoy reading the blog you’ll likely also enjoy listening to this podcast

On the Media

Can be a bit too US-centric and left leaning at times but every episode is extremely well put together and produced

Coder Radio

This one may not be for everyone but if you’re in the industry like I am it might be worth giving it a listen

Because Money Podcast

This show makes a complicated subject entertaining and never feels overwhelming to listen to

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  1. […] on with the posts about some of the podcasts I think are were worth listening to… As before this is by no means an exhaustive list but I […]

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