A Fitbit Year in Review (2017)

Last year I wrote a post chronicling my first year wearing a Fitbit and I thought it was really interesting to see all of the stats it tracks. I decided I’d try to keep up this trend and post my stats from 2017 as well:

2,478,268 steps taken (down 684,633 from last year)

Steps taken by week

4,189 floors climbed (down 1,999 from last year)

Floors climbed by week

1,844.23 km walked (down 520.22 from last year)

Distance walked by week

983,617 calories burned (down 204,035 from last year)

Calories burned by week

Unfortunately I didn’t do a good job of recording my weight throughout the year so I don’t really have any stats to show for that, something that I’ll try to correct for 2018. However looking at where I ended up at the end of 2016 versus where I am at the end of 2017 I can safety say that I have at least maintained my weight throughout the whole year.

Same goes for sleep tracking… I’d post the graph but it’s essentially just 12 identical boring bars. Hey at least I’m consistent 🙂

Anyway, hopefully you found these as interesting and I did. Check back in 12 months for the 2018 version!

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