Seriously?! Is Google Play Music still in beta or something?

Seriously?! Is Google Play Music still in beta or something?

Before getting started, on what I’m sure will come across as a very ranty post, I think it’s important to point out that I have no problems with the content or pricing structure of Google Play Music (GPM). The music library is quite good and the price is extremely competitive, especially with the Family Plan. That said as someone who uses the service almost every single day I’ve collected quite a list of annoyances that I feel I must write about (for no other reason than it’s cathartic to get it all out 🙂 )

Three neat mobile security Apps (adjust your tin foil hat accordingly)

Here are a couple of neat iOS applications for the paranoid (kidding!) & security inclined. iPGMail iPGMail (currently $1.99 on the App Store) is the best OpenPGP application I’ve tried on Apple’s platform. Even within the somewhat restrictive limitations that Apple has created for application developers this particular application does everything it can to be user friendly. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wishes to send signed/encrypted e-mail from their iOS device.

My (current) top 10 most used iOS apps

The iOS platform, consisting of the iPhone and the iPad, has seen most of it’s success thanks to the plethora of applications (apps) available for download. It is without a doubt the platform’s strongest asset and one that, thanks to the continued success of apps like Angry Birds, seems likely to continue for some time. While a lot of time on these devices is spent listening to music, browsing the web, reading e-mails and, let’s face it, playing games I wanted to write up a quick post about some of the other apps that I use on a regular basis.

My 5 minute iOS 4 review

There has been far too much iPhone related news lately but I feel as though I should at least weigh in with my thoughts on the new iPhone OS. I have been running [iOS 4][1] on my [iPhone 3GS][2] since it was officially released about a week ago. Rather than write a lengthy review I figured I would simply add my short comments about the major new features. This should, hopefully, result in a very quick and informative review.