Phil has made a new website!

My good friend Phil has made a brand new website! This is Phil. Drawn by Phil. You can find it in all of its glory over here: http://phildowney.com/. Check it out!

A new year calls for a new theme

It has been a really, really long time since I changed how this website looks and I decided what better time to make a change than at the start of a new year? So welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved look and feel of the website!

Ignite Waterloo

Last week I attended Ignite Waterloo, a local chapter of the (in?)famous Ignite talk series. In a nutshell Ignite brings together an assortment of speakers who each get time to speak on whatever they are passionate about. The catch is that they get exactly five minutes for their talk; the slides automatically advance every 15 seconds regardless of whether or not they can keep up. Not only was it an informative evening but it was also a very entertaining one as well.

Welcome back

Welcome back. Things undoubtedly look a little different these days as I have started this site anew. For various reasons I don’t find maintaining a portrait of programming work practical anymore. As such I am going to attempt to transition this space to a new format. What I would like to do is take a link-centric approach, where this site would be a jump start to other articles, websites, commentaries, and more that I find interesting for one reason or another, and hopefully you will as well.