A quick and dirty way to convert Java objects to and from XML

The process to marshal or serialize an object to XML can differ greatly from language to language and implementation to implementation. Even within a single language, like Java, there are multiple ways to go about it. I happened to stumble upon this one the other day and thought it was pretty straight forward. This example contains two classes XMLExample.java and Example.java. We will use the functions in XMLExample.java to convert Example.

GUI creation: XML versus programmatic

Recently I have been messing around with the Glade interface designer, a rapid application development tool that allows you to create full GTK+ user interfaces very easily. The neat thing about this tool is that it saves the GUI as an XML document, which is then hooked into your code through various language specific ‘sketchers’. These sketchers read in the XML and generate the corresponding ‘native’ code interfaces – often at runtime.