CoreGTK 3.18.0

CoreGTK is an Objective-C language binding for the GTK+ widget toolkit. Like other “core” Objective-C libraries, CoreGTK is designed to be a thin wrapper. CoreGTK is free software, licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1.

Highlights for this release:

  • Rebased on GTK+ 3.18
  • New supported GtkWidgets in this release:
    • GtkActionBar
    • GtkFlowBox
    • GtkFlowBoxChild
    • GtkGLArea
    • GtkModelButton
    • GtkPopover
    • GtkPopoverMenu
    • GtkStackSidebar
  • Reverted to using GCC as the default compiler (but clang can still be used)

Issues resolved:

  • #26 Clean up unused configuration options in makefile
  • #27 Is Clang actually required to build CoreGTK? If not try to also support GCC.
  • #28 Release 3.18 version

CoreGTK 3.18.0 was released on December 17, 2016. You can find more information about the project here and the release itself here.

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