The Linux Experiment

The Linux Experiment mascot

The Linux Experiment began as a test to see if some friends and I could switch to using the free operating system Linux exclusively for four full months. Over the course of the experiment we used the website as a journal to write about our experiences, what we learned, and problems that we encountered. Since the end of the original run the site has continued to be updated as some of us continue to use Linux in our daily lives.

The text of the original “Experiment” follows:

Is free software ready for the mainstream? Has Linux progressed far enough in its evolution to be a practical desktop environment for those who don’t have degrees in computer science? Can a user really just switch off Windows or Mac and be as productive on a completely open source operating system?

The Linux Experiment is relatively simple in its goals. Seven friends, all with varying degrees of experience with Linux in general (even some with zero experience and others who have experience with multiple distributions), will install some distribution or another of Linux on their home computers for four months.

Over the course of these four months, the users will administrate, tinker with, and use Linux as their primary home operating system, utilizing the power of open-source operating systems and applications to see just how productive they can be. Updates will be made on this very site along the way, providing an in-depth look into how each user is adapting to their new environment. The trials, tribulations, triumphs, and other nouns beginning with ‘t’ will all be laid out here, bare for everyone to see.

By the end of the four month cycle, each user has imposed their own goals as to where they want to be with Linux; running a server environment? Comfortable to tinker with bash commands? Time will tell.

For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy – this isn’t your normal experiment. We are the guinea pigs.

You can read all about it at The Linux Experiment.