This page is a dedicated launchpad to all of the software I have made available through this website. Scroll down to find what you are looking for and click the link to the correct version.

Description: CoreGTK is an Objective-C language binding for the GTK+ widget toolkit. Like other “core” Objective-C libraries, CoreGTK is designed to be a thin wrapper. CoreGTK is free software, licensed under the GNU LGPL.
  • Real Objective-C objects.
  • Ability to drop back to C when needed/wanted.
  • Full integration with GtkBuilder and GLADE.
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Written In: Objective-C/C
Status: Active


Objective-C IDE
Description: An integrated development environment for the creation of Objective-C programs on the Windows, Linux & Mac platforms.
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Code auto-completion/suggestions.
  • Simple program compilation at the click of a button.
Written In: Objective-C/C
Status: Inactive


Hash Verifier
Description: A graphical utility that allows a user to generate hashes of their files. Useful for checking if a download has been corrupted.
  • Drag & drop files from your computer right into the application!
  • Supports many different one-way compression algorithms including MD2, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512.
  • Copies the generated hash to your clipboard with the push of a button!
  • Automatically verifies your generated hash against one you provide and displays the result.
Written In: C#/Java
Status: Inactive

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