Using rsync via the Windows Subsystem for Linux to backup a Windows computer

From the world of “why would anyone ever bother to do this?” comes a new approach to backing up your favourite Windows 10 computer! OK so why am I even doing this? I guess the answer to that question is really “just to see if I could.” It’s not the best answer but not everything needs a practical reason right? So how does one go about using the awesome rsync utility to perform a Windows backup?

Fixing Areca Backup on Ubuntu 16.04 (and related distributions)

Seems like I’m at it again, this time fixing Areca Backup on Ubuntu 16.04 (actually Linux Mint 18.1 in my case). For some reason when I download the current version (Areca 7.5 for Linux/GTK) and try and run the script I get the following error: tyler@computer $ ./ ls: cannot access ‘/usr/java’: No such file or directory No valid JRE found in /usr/java. This is especially odd because I quite clearly do have Java installed:

Fixing Areca Backup on 64-bit Windows

If you’re like me, and you probably are, you do a terrible job of backing up your digital files life on a regular basis. Thankfully some smart people out there have made it awfully convenient to set up a backup system once and then more or less forget about it. My personal tool for the job is Areca Backup – while it is not without its flaws I find it an easy to use, feature rich, and cross-platform (essentially anything that runs Java) backup solution.