2017’s open source project donations

Every new year I look back at the open source projects that are essential to my computing life and take a moment to thank them by donating a little bit of money toward their continued good works. Beyond that I think it’s just a nice thing to call out some projects that deserve a mentioning. Some even made it back for another year in a row! Here are just some of the projects that I felt needed special mentioning this year:

Donating to some open source projects in 2016

A few years ago I started a tradition where every new year I take some time to look at the open source/free software I frequently use (sometimes on a daily basis!) and decide which of those projects I’ll make some donations to. While I don’t normally donate a huge amount of money I know that any little bit that I give these projects helps them continue their work and ensures that they’ll be around for me to use this time next year.