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Hash Verifier now on GitHub

I have taken the time to create a GitHub repository for my old Hash Verifier software which you can now find here. I’ve even created different releases to reflect the evolution of the software as found on this website. Hopefully this will make it even easier for you to check out and play around with. GitHub repository link: https://github.com/tylerburton/hashverifier Version (Original post) Version (Original post) Version (Original post)

Hash Verifier (Java Web Start)

Java Web Start is a technology that allows easy deployment of Java based software through a web browser. The advantages of this framework are numerous but one nice thing is that it allows you far more freedom then the completely sandboxed Java applet. In this post I will detail how I converted my Hash Verifier application to run right from the browser. Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) The javax.jnlp libraries provide the functionality needed to launch the application from within a web browser.
Hash Verifier (A.K.A. the SWT re-write)

Hash Verifier (A.K.A. the SWT re-write)

After reading up on how you can use SWT to give Java a more native look and feel I was interested in giving it a shot first hand. I decided to break out old faithful (Hash Verifier) and re-write it completely in Java/SWT. The end result was an application that has essentially equivalent functionality (see below for differences) but is completely cross-platform. No matter what operating system you end up running this on (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) it should have a native look and feel.

Hash Verifier Released!

That’s right an update to your favourite hash verification program! 😛 This update includes a few new features that some of you might find useful. It also includes help documentation which walks you through how to use it! New Features Menu strip for even easier use Export features allows you to automatically write all of the hashes to a single file About dialog that provides information about the program Help documentation Requirements:

The return of the Hash Verifier

Some of you may remember an old Windows program of mine called Hash Verifier. It was a graphical utility that allowed people to generate hashes of their files, and then compare those to known hashes, ensuring that their files had not been corrupted. Well in recent months my foray into the world of Linux has finally taken me into the realm of programming on that platform. Being primarily a .NET developer on Windows I have found the Mono project on Linux to be an absolute breath of fresh air.

Hash Verifier

[Update: A new version has been released! Click here to go to the new software page] On the old version of this site I had provided a popular application called Hash Verifier which did, of all things, verify file hashes on Windows. I know some people are still trying to link to it’s old location so I figured I might as well include it somewhere in the new site. So here it is!