Updates to Java & Mono

Both Java and Mono (the open source implementation of C# and .NET) will be receiving pretty big updates this year. These represent two very popular virtual machine based coding platforms that offer portability and a slew of helpful standard libraries. Here are just a handful of the improvements each will see in the coming release. Java SE 7.0 While no tentative release date has been scheduled for Java 7 yet, the team has recently completed milestone 10 of 10.

Some quick tips to speed up Java and lower it’s memory usage

Java is an excellent programming language but too often the JVM seems to slow it down. Yes I know that there have been tremendous speed improvements in recent versions but the fact remains that it can still feel slow. It also tends to use an insane amount of memory to do just about anything (the heap is cheap is the name of the game!). Well thankfully there are ways you can tighten the JVM’s belt and even fine tune its garbage collection process.