Three neat mobile security Apps (adjust your tin foil hat accordingly)

Here are a couple of neat iOS applications for the paranoid (kidding!) & security inclined. iPGMail iPGMail (currently $1.99 on the App Store) is the best OpenPGP application I’ve tried on Apple’s platform. Even within the somewhat restrictive limitations that Apple has created for application developers this particular application does everything it can to be user friendly. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wishes to send signed/encrypted e-mail from their iOS device.

Android development in Netbeans

So you want to do Android development but you hate Eclipse? Well fear not, there is another IDE that you can use to meet your mobile development needs. This is a quick guide, mostly for my reference later, on how to setup an Android development environment in Netbeans. 1. Download and install the Android SDK and Netbeans IDE like normal Pretty self-explanatory just grab the installers from here and here respectively.