Updates to Java & Mono

Both Java and Mono (the open source implementation of C# and .NET) will be receiving pretty big updates this year. These represent two very popular virtual machine based coding platforms that offer portability and a slew of helpful standard libraries. Here are just a handful of the improvements each will see in the coming release. Java SE 7.0 While no tentative release date has been scheduled for Java 7 yet, the team has recently completed milestone 10 of 10.

Hash Verifier Released!

That’s right an update to your favourite hash verification program! 😛 This update includes a few new features that some of you might find useful. It also includes help documentation which walks you through how to use it! New Features Menu strip for even easier use Export features allows you to automatically write all of the hashes to a single file About dialog that provides information about the program Help documentation Requirements:

Resource Tests: Java vs Mono/.NET

As someone who has recently begun to experiment with the Linux operating system I have also been introduced to .NET’s Linux’s cousin Mono. This has made me question what the best cross-platform program language to use is. I am familiar with both Java and various .NET languages (Visual Basic & C#) so I decided to run a few tests to see what the resource usage on my Linux laptop is like between these two competing platforms.

The return of the Hash Verifier

Some of you may remember an old Windows program of mine called Hash Verifier. It was a graphical utility that allowed people to generate hashes of their files, and then compare those to known hashes, ensuring that their files had not been corrupted. Well in recent months my foray into the world of Linux has finally taken me into the realm of programming on that platform. Being primarily a .NET developer on Windows I have found the Mono project on Linux to be an absolute breath of fresh air.