Force Thunderbird/Enigmail to use a specific signing (hash) algorithm

If you’ve had issues trying to get Thunderbird to send your PGP signed e-mail using anything other than SHA-1 there is a quick and easy fix that will let you pick whichever hash you prefer. Open up Thunderbird’s preferences On the Advanced Tab, under General click Config Editor… In the about:config window search for “extensions.enigmail.mimeHashAlgorithm” without quotes. Double click on this and enter a value.

Security tip #3: public key cryptography & PGP

Public key cryptography is one of the most essential pieces to online security. It is at the root of what enables you to shop online, do secure online banking, and communicate securely. I will be focusing on the latter in this tip. But first a quick and simple refresher on what public key cryptography is and how it works. How public key cryptography works Or rather how you use it. Cryptography allows you can lock any data or information inside of a digital safe.